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October 20 2021

Business Trips are Back – Let’s Review Travel Risk…

Business travel, regardless of destination or means of transportation, is an inherently risky undertaking. From the moment an employee leaves their office or home to embark upon a business trip, organizations must consider, weigh, and plan for potential risks based…

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October 20 2021

White Paper: Risk Intelligence & Travel Risk Management

Business travel, regardless of destination or means of transportation, is an inherently risky undertaking. New, technology-based approaches to travel risk intelligence and communications are changing the risk management equation. These data-driven approaches are shifting the focus away from incident response…

October 1 2021

Educate Your Community This Domestic Violence Awareness Month (+…

Domestic violence, often called intimate partner violence, is a pervasive public health issue in the United States – and one that often goes unreported. Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is recognized each October, is a valuable time to raise awareness,…

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September 29 2021

Domestic Violence Awareness Infographic

Domestic Violence Awareness Infographic Download the "Stand Up Against Domestic Violence" infographic to raise awareness about the prevalence of domestic violence.

September 28 2021

What’s Next? The Rise of Business Digitalization

Digitalization, or the use of digital processes to alter and improve business operations, is a crucial, increasingly relevant component of business modernization, revenue growth, and future success. According to Mariana Mazzucato, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Innovation and Public…

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September 23 2021

Vector Solutions Adds Silent Panic Alarm Feature to LiveSafe…

New Feature Allows Staff and Students to Report Emergencies Directly to Law Enforcement and Helps Schools Meet the Recommendations in Alyssa’s Law Tampa, FL – September 23, 2021 – The Washington Post reported 14 school shootings between March and June…

Success Stories
September 22 2021

Scientific Games: Lone Worker Safety

About Scientific Games Scientific Games is a global leader in the social and online gaming and lottery industry. They are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and have approximately 150 locations and 10,000 employees worldwide. The Situation Scientific Games employs many…

September 20 2021

Honoring Suicide Prevention Awareness Month (+ Infographic)

Suicide is a devastating public health problem that affects people of all ages. To help improve suicide awareness and support prevention efforts, Suicide Prevention Awareness Month is recognized each September.  To help honor this annual effort, here we share an…

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September 17 2021

Mental Health Awareness Infographic

Mental Health Awareness Infographic Download the "Build Awareness for Mental Health Care and Protection" infographic to learn about the prevalence of mental health concerns and their repercussions.