Competency Assessment Tool from RedVector Empowers Industrial Organizations to Assess and Improve Employee Skills


Release date: 6/8/2016

A key component of RedVector’s award-winning Learning Management System, the new Competency Assessment Tool helps companies to identify employee skills deficiencies and automatically prescribes training


RedVector, the leader in eLearning and industrial skills training, has added competency assessments to its award-winning Learning Management System to help companies establish a foundation for more effective learning and development plans and training measurement.A learning and development program is only as strong as the foundation of its skills assessment capabilities. Throughout the training process the trainee’s mastery of subject matter needs to be evaluated. RedVector’s competency assessments identify the skills gaps between your employee’s existing knowledge, skills and abilities vs. their development goals. The tool complements existing RedVector task verification functionality, which validates employees’ hands-on mastery of subject matter.

Using the Competency Assessment Tool, customers may choose from thousands of test questions cross-referenced to RedVector courses to identify skills deficiencies on an organizational or individual level. Based on the results of the assessment tests, training curriculums can be assigned to correct weaknesses in the following areas:


– Basic Skills
– Health, Safety and Environment
– Laboratory Operations
– Process Operations
– Electronics
– Instrumentation and Control
– Electrical Maintenance
– Mechanical Maintenance
– Power Generation
– Transmission and Distribution
– Professional Development

“Effective assessment is the starting point for improving the competency level and ultimately the performance of employees, new hires or students,” said Dan McGonegle, RedVector Product Director. “The Competency Assessment Tool helps do that more efficiently by providing a turnkey solution for identifying and assigning employees only the training they need, thereby improving training ROI.”

Learn more about competency assessments by reserving a seat for RedVector’s instructional webinar June 23.

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