TargetSolutions Launches NFPA 1584 Firefighter Rehabilitation and NFPA 1403 Live Fire Training Evolutions

TargetSolutions is excited to announce the creation of two new online fire training courses: NFPA 1584 Firefighter Rehabilitation and NFPA 1403 Live Fire Training Evolutions. The new additions to TargetSolutions’ growing list of NFPA titles are now accessible for the fire service.
“These two courses were musts for TargetSolutions’ course library,” said Jeremy Lynch, who serves as TargetSolutions’ content architect. “We offer many NFPA courses that help train firefighters. We’re happy to offer a course that helps get them back to work when they suffer injuries. And by the same token, preventing injuries during live-burn training events was our goal with the NFPA 1403 offering.”

NFPA 1584 Firefighter Rehabilitation

Firefighting is a labor-intense occupation. The heavy physical and mental demands placed on firefighters in an emergency can push the human body to its limits — and sometimes beyond. Over half of all fatalities in the fire service are caused by stress, overexertion, and related medical issues, and these also contribute to a large proportion of injuries and illnesses among fire personnel. To protect themselves from overworking and allow them to continue operations in a safe and effective manner, firefighters need to make sure they rest, rehydrate, and reenergize at regular intervals during operations and training exercises.
This firefighter training course reviews the requirements and guidelines for rehab operations. The course discusses topics contained in the NFPA 1584 Standard, and is divided into two modules. The first module discusses aspects related to the regulations and standards pertinent to rehab and their requirements, such as rehab staff roles and responsibilities, pre-incident preparation, and setting up rehab operations at the scene. The second module discusses the practical aspects of rehab related to evaluation and treatment for personnel entering rehab.

NFPA 1403 Live Fire Training Evolutions

Although the number of on-duty firefighter fatalities has been declining, the proportion of deaths related to training has been increasing, according to NFPA data. In the last decade, more than 100 firefighters have died during training activities, and live-fire training is typically a leading cause of training-related fatalities.
This course reviews live-burn evolutions and emphasizes the importance of safety and compliance with state regulations, NFPA standards, and local policies and procedures established to maintain training effectiveness without compromising safety.
With interactive charts, images, and graphics, these new courses are both engaging and informative. NFPA 1584: Firefighter Rehabilitation and NFPA 1403: Live Fire Training Evolutions are now available in the “Fire-Other” catalog.

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