RedVector’s “Protecting People against Terrorist Attacks” Series Teaches How to Design More Resilient Buildings and Shelters


Release date: 4/13/2016

RedVector’s “Protecting People against Terrorist Attacks” Series Teaches How to Design More Resilient Buildings and Shelters

RedVector, the leader in eLearning and workforce training solutions for the architecture, engineering, construction, industrial and facility management industries, has launched the “Protecting People against Terrorist Attacks” Training Series to aid professionals in designing and building safer buildings, structures and shelters.

As terrorist threats evolve and target structures in new ways, the Department of Homeland Security has urged designers and builders to adapt and train to fortify, design and create safer, sturdier buildings.

“It’s crucial that we do our part in defending against terrorist threats and have made it a priority to develop training to address this challenging subject matter,” said Bobby Person, RedVector Product Director. “RedVector’s new courses will aid in providing protection against manmade hazards via strategic design of shelters, safe rooms and more.”

This RedVector training series offers engineers, architects, building officials, contractors and property owners guidance in designing shelters and safe rooms, minimizing blast effects (structural design), and protecting against chemical threats.

RedVector’s New Protecting People against Terrorist Attacks Online Training Course Series Includes the Following Courses:
- Protecting People against Terrorist Attacks: Design Considerations for Safe Rooms and Shelters
- Protecting People against Terrorist Attacks: Structural Design Criteria
- Protecting People against Terrorist Attacks: Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Threat Protection

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