Vector Solutions and North American Interfraternity Conference Forge Strategic Research Partnership to Improve Greek Life on College and University Campuses

Vector Solutions and North American Interfraternity Conference Forge Strategic Research Partnership to Improve Greek Life on College and University Campuses

Study results will inform strategic initiatives to support NIC members and mitigate high-risk behaviors

Tampa, FL – January 28, 2021 – Vector Solutions announced a three-year strategic research partnership with the North American lnterfraternity Conference (NIC), a trade association representing 58 fraternities nationally. The initiative will provide support for NIC’s strategic vision for their member organizations to build membership and promote positive sustainable opportunities for personal growth while addressing high-risk behaviors.

Vector Solutions will undertake a comprehensive analysis of data from more than 100,000 college students completing the company’s digital education prevention courses. These courses cover prevention around topics such as alcohol and other drug use, mental wellness, and sexual assault. The analysis will provide NIC with a set of unique insights to help inform the programs, services, and initiatives of their international and national men’s fraternities. The study will first examine the attitudes and perceptions of fraternity life through the lens of non-affiliated students, while the second area of inquiry will focus on the concept of positive youth development.

Data insights from non-affiliated students will help identify areas where NIC organizations can strengthen their positioning to support current membership, build future membership, and improve perceptions of fraternal organizations. At the same time, study data will also map the individual strengths that result from participating in Greek life to help inform strategic initiatives that bolster community outcomes and mitigate high-risk behaviors in a positive and proactive manner.

“We look forward to Vector Solutions' (formerly EverFi’s Campus Prevention Network) study to evaluate membership within the context of positive youth development aspects,” said NIC President and CEO Judson Horras. “Additionally, our members look to explore attitudes and perceptions of fraternity life through the lens of non-affiliated students.

Previous research on Greek organization members has primarily focused on behaviors of Greek vs. non-Greek members, particularly in regard to hazing, alcohol and other drug use, and sexual assault.

“Overall, these insights paint a picture of both the negative and positive aspects of Greek affiliation, but do little in the way of providing guidance to leverage the strengths and contributions of members,” said Rob Buelow, Vector Solutions' Senior Vice President of Higher Education. “We look forward to working with NIC to provide actionable, robust, and cutting-edge insights that will help national leaders make the bold decisions required for fraternal organizations to remain relevant and thrive in today’s higher education landscape.”

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