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    March 5, 2024

    Vector Solutions Launches Competency Assessment Tool To Fill Skills and Knowledge Gaps




    Vector LMS

    The new addition simplifies the creation of company-specific pre-training and post-training assessments

    TAMPA, FL, March 5, 2024 – Today, Vector Solutions, a leading provider of training, compliance, and performance management solutions for critical industrial sectors, introduced a Competency Assessment tool, now available on Vector Solutions’ award-winning Learning Management System (LMS). The tool is a strategic investment that delivers substantial ROI by focusing training on individual workers and topics where it’s needed most, allowing organizations to limit redundant training where there’s already expertise.

    Many industries are experiencing a skills gap as experienced employees retire and take their on-the-job knowledge with them. As a result, employers are doing everything they can to both hire candidates with knowledge about the job role and upskill or reskill current employees. When onboarding and training efforts are effective, it sets employees and their organizations up for success: studies show that aligning managerial processes with employee skill development needs yields a 50% increase in employee engagement, increases training efficiency, and boosts productivity by 40%.

    Vector Solutions’ Competency Assessment tool addresses the needs of organizations to hire quickly, reduce onboarding costs, improve retention of new hires, and improve employee engagement. Employers can use this tool to conduct pre-training and post-training assessments for job applicants, new hires, and existing employees to improve onboarding, identify skills gaps, develop more strategic training plans, and ensure compliance and safety.

    Pulling from Vector Solutions’ large library of eLearning course questions (or supplemented with an organization’s own questions), pre-training assessments can identify skills gaps and levels of experience to develop more strategic training plans or determine if an individual is a strong candidate for a position. In return, post-training assessments then validate that the employee has learned key skills and information from the assigned training and can access remedial training if needed. This ultimately helps organizations:

    • Identify skills and knowledge gaps faster: Save time by accessing a bank of pre-built questions and leveraging them to automate training assignments.
    • Customize training plans to be more meaningful and relevant: Create tailored assessments and training plans to meet your company’s specific requirements.
    • Streamline training and reporting workflows: Use Competency Assessment and training to fill skills gaps, improve onboarding, and conduct pre-hire assessments.

    Additionally, role-specific knowledge can be assessed for every employee, whether it’s via an assessment of technical skills; safety awareness; communication skills; problem-solving skills; or leadership skills, leading to improved learning outcomes and ensuring compliance and safety.

    “The Competency Assessment tool showcases the impact of a fully-integrated LMS on training ROI,” said Clare Epstein, General Manager at Vector Solutions. “The savings in training time and associated training costs not only sharpens an organization’s competitive edge, but also greatly enhances operational efficiency by quickly bridging skill gaps between new and seasoned workers.”

    To learn more about the Competency Assessment tool and other LMS systems from Vector Solutions, click here.


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