Vector Solutions Releases Human-Translated Foreign Language Libraries for 900+ Industrial Training Courses

Vector Solutions Releases Human-Translated Foreign Language Libraries for 900+ Industrial Training Courses

The foreign language libraries enable organizations to maintain OSHA standards and provide consistent, quality training to all employees, regardless of location or language

TAMPA, FL, August 15, 2023 - Today, Vector Solutions, a leading provider of training, compliance, and performance management solutions for critical industrial sectors, announced the release of foreign language translation libraries for 900+ courses covering important training topics related to Health, Safety, and Environment and Pulp and Paper Manufacturing. The new translation library helps organizations provide consistent, quality training on safety, operations, and maintenance procedures to a multilingual workforce.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide training in a language employees speak and understand. Yet, OSHA estimates that language barriers are a contributing factor in 25 percent of job-related accidents. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to relay comprehensive, relevant safety and compliance training information to all workers, regardless of their location or the language they speak. Oftentimes AI-generated translations fail to effectively address important cultural and subject matter contextual details, leaving room for potentially dangerous ambiguity.

In order to reduce language barrier-related incidents and ensure training is effective for all employees, Vector Solutions offers foreign language translations of over 900 industrial training courses. Languages include Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, Russian, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, and more.

Through the use of Vector Solutions’ foreign language libraries, organizations can:

  • Access high-quality human-translated training: Linguistic nuances, cultural context, specific subject matter terminology, contextual details, and idioms are better addressed and reflected by human-generated than AI-generated translations.
  • Improve OSHA compliance: Employers with a multilingual workforce can more easily provide safety training to all employees, allowing work to be performed in a safe and helpful manner that complies with OSHA requirements.
  • Train on a global scale: As countries like Brazil and China increase their presence in the Pulp & Paper industry, courses with multiple language options available support domestic and foreign workers through effectively translated trainings.

“Access to effective, understandable training is crucial for continued employee safety in the industrial sector and beyond,” said Michael Ojdana, Vice President of Content at Vector Solutions. “Vector Solutions’ foreign language libraries make it easier for businesses with a multilingual workforce to maintain OSHA standards and better protect the health and safety of their employees.”

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