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Prepared and Protected: Our Top 5 Safety Courses


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At Vector Solutions, many of our courses are designed with safety in mind. Regardless of industry, the core of our mission is to help give people the tools and training they need to stay prepared, protected, and compliant with important safety regulations and requirements. By implementing effective safety training, you can prevent unnecessary and potentially costly injuries – or even deaths – from occurring in the first place.

The Bottom Line of Safety Training

The business case for safety training is a strong one. The National Safety Council estimated that work-related deaths and injuries cost the nation, employers, and individuals $171 billion in 2019. Our mission at Vector is to elevate and support the everyday heroes who make a real impact in their communities. By providing them with mission-critical training and workflow solutions that suit their unique needs, our customers can do what they do best – make our communities better, safer places to live.

Here are some top Vector courses on safety topics that can help do just that:

1. Fall Safety: Ladders

Falls are a potential hazard for many industries, particularly those that use ladders regularly, which is why this particular safety topic is such an important one to include in your safety training program. Our course on ladder safety can help ensure your people are more prepared to use ladders safely and also help to prevent falls. When maintained properly and used according to safety guidelines, they are a simple and effective tool. However, each year thousands of workers are either injured or killed in ladder-related accidents. This course describes different types of ladders, ladder construction, ladder selection, height requirements, weight capacity, hazardous conditions, inspections, ladder setup, safe practices when using ladders, storage, and maintenance.

2. Electrical Safety

When it comes to protecting your people, electrical safety should be a top priority for many industries. Our popular course on general electrical safety awareness will help to spark discussion with your team on effective ways to recognize, evaluate, and avoid electrical hazards. Topics covered include personal protective equipment related to electrical safety, OSHA requirements for working on equipment, and what to do to prevent electrical injuries such as shocks, burns, electrocutions, and falls.

3. First Aid

Anyone in any industry could be involved in a medical emergency in the workplace at some point in their lives. And yet, many people are woefully unprepared to respond in such a situation should the need arise. That’s why a training course that covers first aid basics is an invaluable addition to any safety training program. Vector’s course on First Aid Initial Steps is a great primer for anyone looking to understand how to respond effectively and efficiently to a medical emergency. It provides guidelines for what to do in an emergency first aid situation, and the order in which to do them. The course also introduces a method called “DR. ABC,” which stands for looking for danger before responding; checking to see if the victim is responsive; checking to see if the victim’s airway is clear; checking to see if the victim is breathing; and checking to see if the victim’s circulatory system is working. The course also explains the purpose (and limits) of emergency first aid, and the importance of summoning emergency medical assistance. Finally, it provides some general legal information about providing first aid.

4. Ergonomics

Ergonomic safety has to do with the design of a person’s working environment and working to eliminate discomfort and possible injury for workers. For instance, if people in your industry work with heavy loads or repeatedly twist to move materials from one location to another, they may be at a greater risk of sustaining a back injury. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, back injuries are suffered by more than one million workers every year, account for twenty percent of all workplace injuries, and cost companies billions of dollars. Vector’s course on back injury prevention will help protect your people from back injuries while also raising awareness about the common causes of acute and cumulative back injuries, signs and symptoms of back injuries, and the engineering and administrative controls that can be implemented to prevent back injuries.

5. Driving Safety

In many industries, workers are expected to drive cars or other vehicles as a part of their job. Due to the inherent risk in driving-related tasks, understanding the importance of being an alert driver can mean the difference between life and death for the driver, other passengers, or bystanders. Our Alert Driving course helps people learn how to observe conditions, anticipate hazardous situations, and react to avoid hazards. This course also discusses driving at safe speeds, dangers of driving while impaired, and how to increase reaction time by following the two-second rule. Alert driving is a fundamental element of safe, defensive driving techniques and is another critical addition to many workplace safety training programs.

Workplace Safety Training Empowers Workers

Workplace accidents and injuries happen every day across every industry. By being proactive in your safety training program, however, you can help empower your employees with the knowledge they need to stay safe, prevent future injuries, and respond effectively in case of emergency.

Our clients in critical industries, from K-12 and higher education to law enforcement, fire safety, industrial manufacturing, and more, rely upon efficient and effective technology solutions to keep their workplaces and communities safe. Vector’s robust course catalog on relevant and important topics can help you carry out the heart of your mission, protect your team and others, stay up-to-date with compliance regulations, and save money.

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