Course Author Spotlight: Robert L. Bogue


Robert Bogue’s drive for resolving problems is fueled by his creativity and innovation. Robert’s experience in the technical world has given him a unique opportunity to learn to prevent problems (both in a technical sense and an organizational sense) well before they arise.


Robert L. Bogue, RedVector Author

Robert is an engaging presenter who speaks at local, regional, national and international events. He has spoken to tens of thousands of professionals. He can bring together all departments of an organization, improve communication, increase employee satisfaction and expand project management skills, altogether increasing efficiency within the organization. He is committed to “making the complicated, simple.” His approach to continual learning has led him to be an expert in instructional design and video production.

Robert is a community leader and has owned his business for over 10 years. He has authored 25 books and has been an editor for over 100 additional books. Robert strives to be better today than he was yesterday and achieves this through his strategy, facilitation, elicitation, coaching, and mentoring techniques and skills. He has received the prestigious Microsoft MVP designation thirteen times. He combines emotional intelligence and communication skills gleaned from working in the IT world with dynamic presentation abilities to help change lives one at a time.

In addition to providing a wide range of training content, RedVector strives to provide customers with the very best insight from top subject matter experts. We tap into talent and experience in-house and in the community to do so, and RedVector is proud to have Robert Bogue onboard to further that mission.

Preview RedVector courses authored by Robert Bogue, including project management training courses like Microsoft Project 2013 Essentials Training, Microsoft Project 2016 Essentials Training and more.

Microsoft Project 2016 Essentials Training

Microsoft Project 2016 Essentials Training

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