Course Author Spotlight: Robert Reiter



RedVector course author Robert Reiter is a twenty year veteran of the security industry and is an expert in perimeter security and preventing vehicle incursions. He is a national expert on how frequently they occur and how to prevent them. He has worked on the protection of embassies, government facilities, public infrastructure projects, stadiums, shopping centers, retail centers and pedestrian malls.

Rob serves on ASTM committees working on high speed anti-terrorist barriers as well as low speed pedestrian protective barriers. Rob co-founded the Storefront Safety Council in 2012 to call attention to the 60 accidents per day where a vehicle crashes into a commercial or public building in the United States. He is a member of the Security Industry Association and the American Society of Safety Engineers and is currently Chief Security Consultant to Calpipe Security Bollards and an advisory board member for SPECS / Chain Store Age.


Rob has worked to design, test, manufacture, distribute, specify, and ship thousands of bollards, barriers, and pedestrian safety systems which are now protecting people and property on several continents. He is a published author and also frequently appears in articles and on newscasts on the topics of preventing terrorist incidents, the need for increased pedestrian and public safety, and the prevention of criminal or accidental vehicle attacks or incursions where the public works, plays, dines and shops.

Rob was motivated to focus on protecting pedestrians from vehicle incursions by the 2003 Santa Monica Farmer’s Market tragedy in California in which an 86-year-old driver mowed down dozens of people, killing 10 and injuring 63. Rob is based in Colorado Springs.

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