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October 10, 2022 2 min read

Northern California Regional Liability Excess Fund Sees Positive Impact from Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Schools Courses




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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Schools

Vector Solutions has partnered with Diane Cranley to develop and author the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Schools Series, available through the Vector Training System. Diane is the author of our 22-course microlearning series, which is designed to augment mandated reporter training.

The microlearning series is focused on:

  • Child sexual abuse at school
  • Prevention
  • Risky behaviors of child molesters
  • Boundaries that intercede with those behaviors

The Northern California Regional Liability Excess Fund (NCR) and Keenan & Associates partnered with Diane Cranley Consulting to develop mandated reporter training and a microlearning prevention series. The Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Schools Series now offered through Vector Training is based on the microlearning prevention series that Diane Cranley developed for Keenan.

NCR’s results after six years of utilizing Diane Cranley’s Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program

  • Employees have logged nearly 900,000 course completions.
  • The duration and severity of abuse in NCR’s sexual abuse and molestation (SAM) claims has decreased due to early reporting, which is reflected in NCR’s incurred claims costs.
  • NCR has realized a $37 Million reduction in SAM claims.
  • NCR’s net assets are steadily increasing, replenishing the $55.4 Million in incurred losses they experienced from fiscal year 2011 through 2015, prior to their partnership with Diane.
  • NCR’s insurance premium costs have decreased from 123% of the base rate to 87% of the base rate over a four-year period due to lower risk as a result of their prevention efforts.

“Thus far, NCR has nearly 1 Million combined course completions to date. The feedback from our clients and their educators has been overwhelmingly positive and it is very impressive to see how these trainings have been embraced.

I highly recommend that districts follow suit in utilizing Diane’s program if you are looking for a long-lasting and positive change for kids.”

Ron Martin

Vice President, Northern California Regional Liability Excess Fund (NCR)

About Vector’s Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Vector Solutions’ Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Courses are written by Child Sexual Abuse Prevention expert Diane Cranley. Designed to augment mandated reporter training, the twenty-two 3-6 minute micro-learning courses include grade-level specific content for staff who teach elementary, middle, or high school.

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