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June 21, 2016 2 min read

North County Fire Protection District Saves Time by Streamlining Training Management


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North County Fire Protection District, located in Fallbrook, Calif., utilizes TargetSolutions for tracking training, credentials, EMS recertification, and much more.

When implementing TargetSolutions as a go-to training platform, an organization isn’t just changing the way it trains employees; it’s revolutionizing it.

Enter the North County Fire Protection District.

Located in the community of Fallbrook, Calif., the district has enlisted the services of TargetSolutions for more than 10 years. The powerful online training management system has enabled the organization to centralize all of its training into one convenient and easily-accessible location.

The Benefits of Implementing TargetSolutions

Benefits of implementing the platform are increased efficiency in pre-course work, EMS recertification training, credential tracking, and much more, said Division Chief of Operations Brandon Lucore.

“The platform as a whole is very efficient and it saves a tremendous amount of time. Whether we build the activity or they’re pre-built TargetSolutions activities, the time savings is huge.”

Brandon Lucore

Division Chief of Operations, North County Fire Protection District

Comprised of five stations spanning 100 square miles and no full training division, the need to work efficiently is critical for Lucore’s agency. TargetSolutions’ online system streamlined training collaboration and eliminated the need to regularly assemble entire battalions in one spot.

“It’s one of the chief officers who runs training and then we rely on the battalion chiefs as well as the crews themselves,” said Lucore. “From an administrative standpoint, (TargetSolutions is) very effective. We can basically set it and forget it.

“It’s a great platform to not only deliver training but to host it all, to keep it in one spot.”

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