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July 18, 2024

The One-Stop-Shop for Your Fire Academy Operations and Testing


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Learn How You Can Eliminate the Large Array of Siloed Systems and Streamline Your Academy’s Training Operations


Thursday, July 18 at 11 a.m. (PT)  |  2 p.m. (ET)

Are you using 5-7 different technology systems to manage your fire academy’s operations? How much easier would it all be if everything lived in one system?

Your fire academy technology is a vital component to the classes you deliver and the people you train. Your personnel and students benefit from modern technology that can easily automate your systems and adapt to new requirements and mandates.

Please join our upcoming webinar on July 18 when we discuss how the Acadis® Readiness Suite can revolutionize your academy’s training operations, save considerable time and effort, and keep all your academy operations centralized in one system.

In this webinar, we will cover how one integrated system can enable your academy to do the following:

  • Deliver self-paced training online anytime and anywhere
  • Track and manage both online and in-person training
  • Design and automate tests for every need, including written, online, and skill tests
  • Simplify your academy’s class schedule planning by automatically assigning resources
  • Automate registration and provide self-service access to training courses, results, and past records

If you are unable to attend, please register and we will send the recording.



Robbi King, Director, Solutions Engineer
Robbi King spent 27 years in public safety, including 13 years with Camden County, GA, Fire Rescue where he reached the rank of Assistant Chief. He also served more than 13 years as Deputy Coroner at the Camden County Coroner’s Office. As Assistant Chief in Camden County, King helped the agency with firefighting support, management of logistics, and administration of Vector Solutions’ training management platform. He now serves as a Solutions Engineer Director with Vector Solutions.

Matt Shronts, Solutions Engineer
Matt Shronts has been in public safety for more than 20 years rising through the ranks to fire chief. Throughout Matt’s fire service career, he spent time in numerous positions with a focus on training and EMS. His experiences allowed him to utilize the Vector LMS and Check It platforms, while learning best practices for improving productivity, recertifications and data tracking. Matt is still active in the Fire and EMS service and has successfully completed his accreditation as a Chief Fire Officer.