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September 13, 2022

Best Practices and Tools for Improving EHS Inspections


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Special OverrideVector EHS Management


Webinar Overview

Regular EHS inspections are one of the best preventive measures against incidents in the workplace. When done properly, they can help you to identify and resolve hazards and safety concerns before they result in an employee injury or illness.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss common best practices to conduct EHS inspections and review some of the best tools available to help you complete your inspections and follow-up tasks effectively. You’ll also learn how to create detailed inspection reports and track inspection findings in order to easily analyze trends and identify what areas of your safety program need the most attention. 

This webinar will cover: 

  • The inherent problems with “pen and paper” safety inspection programs
  • Best practices for conducting EHS inspections 
  • The benefits of using inspection tools 
  • How to use mobile devices for inspections
  • A demo of Vector EHS Management and its inspections mobile app