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October 18, 2021

Eliminating Paperwork and Errors with an Asset Management Mobile App


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Learn How City of Dickson Fire Department Maximizes Vector Check It to Manage a Variety of Critical Department Operations

From engines and rescues to medical supplies and hydrants, fire departments are responsible for managing thousands of items essential to providing fire rescue services.

The City of Dickson Fire Department in Tennessee leverages Vector Solutions’ mobile asset management app, Check It, to save time and reduce human error by digitally tracking the complete lifecycle of its equipment, inventory, and drugs.

Watch this on-demand webinar presentation with Assistant Chief Kane Sesler from the City of Dickson Fire Department to see how his department is utilizing the convenience of the Check It mobile app to manage a variety of critical department operations, including:

  • Documenting gear care after a structure fire with easily accessible mounted iPads near washer/extractor
  • Tracking expiration dates and count thresholds of medical supplies and drugs
  • Using the barcode scanner to track hydrant status, inspections, and activity
  • Assigning and tracking expensive Fire Academy equipment and gear

In addition to asset management, we also explore how the City of Dickson Fire Department uses Vector Solutions’ integrated systems to help manage training and scheduling operations.