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Equip Your Security Guards with an Emergency Command Center


Learn How to Extend Your Private Security Capabilities with a Mobile App for Communications, Alerts, and Risk Mitigation

LiveSafe is a native iOS and Android app and web-based command dashboard for emergency communications, risk intelligence, and personnel safety.

Equip your private security professionals and customers you serve with an easy-to-use app, Vector LiveSafe, to help create a culture of safety for the properties and events you cover. Capture early warning insights to prevent security incidents and immediately alert the right people to respond to an incident. Simple, accessible, and streamlined emergency communication to the right individuals or teams are essential tools for successful private security operations.

Vector LiveSafe has been granted the highest level of Certification by the Department of Homeland Security’s SAFETY Act Office for maintaining the highest standards of excellence both in terms of performance and availability as well as privacy and system integrity

Equip Your Security Guards with an Emergency Command Center that includes:

  • Tip Reporting: Enables suspicious activity tip reporting and photo uploads via mobile app, anonymously if preferred, to alert the right security team members to proactively intervene to prevent an incident, or respond quickly with better intel.
  • Mass Communications: Send customized broadcast messages across multiple channels to quickly alert impacted populations of precautions, real-time incidents, weather emergencies, etc.
  • 2-way Communication: Send requests for information (RFI) to engage users to submit tips with relevant information.
    Check-Ins: Set up and send safety check-ins on the fly following an incident.
  • Emergency Services: No fumbling through email addresses or phone numbers to alert emergency personnel; provide clients with one-click contact to your security team or the public emergency services provided in the respective geographical location that users are in. The location-aware app shows map views of local public safety and health services, in addition to your plotted security centers.
  • Health Questionnaires: Send automated daily health check-in questionnaires so management understands workforce health conditions for proper staffing and a safe work environment; collect confidential and secure self-reported verification of vaccination records.
  • Geofenced Messaging: Curate your site-specific messages by property location, city, or any geo-fenced location so that only people in those areas receive the message.
  • SafeWalk: Make efficient use of your security personnel and equip them with the ability to virtually escort people to their vehicle or wherever their destination is.
  • Vector LiveSafe Dashboard Interface: Analyze dashboard data to assess risk and response time exposure to and make informed, responsive, and effective security decisions.
  • Document Storage: repository for policies, building schematics for escape routes, check-in procedures, and other safety documents.
  • Configurable App: Customize your app home screen to make it easy for your users to submit information, report a safety issue, and contact emergency services, and more. People without the LiveSafe app can receive information via a web-based browser.


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