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June 25, 2024

How a Training Management System Will Boost Knowledge Retention


Law EnforcementPublic Safety


Special Override

Reinforcing skills with ongoing training enables officers to repeatedly practice essential and special exercises to improve and maintain performance and proficiency. The rise in law enforcement scrutiny around officer training shines a spotlight on the importance of investing in a training management system (TMS) that helps agencies meet today’s community needs.

A purpose-built TMS plays a valuable and important role to ensure officers are trained, prepared, and ready to face their next crisis.

In this special webinar presentation retired law enforcement officers, Doug Kazensky and Johnny Roberson, discuss how a training management system can help you improve officer knowledge, skills and abilities at all levels and centralize all training operations and records in a single system to protect your officer and department from risks and liabilities.

You’ll learn how to:

• Improve training comprehension and retention

• Increase leadership and officer accountability

• Enriching knowledge using the “Tell Me, Show Me and Involve Me ” methodology

• Monitor the results of your training program

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