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How to Conquer Overtime Management Challenges with Simplified Scheduling


Learn How Vector Scheduling Can Help Staffing Supervisors Save Administrative Time and Ensure Compliance


Managing schedules for multiple stations, performing callbacks, and deploying strike teams while also working to maintain overtime compliance and ensure union labor policies are met can be daunting.

Integrated with Vector Solutions’ online training management system, Vector Scheduling is built to streamline all aspects of your employee scheduling and help you ensure the right personnel with the right qualifications are appropriately staffed.

Join us for this special webinar presentation to learn how Vector Scheduling and its native mobile app can help your fire department simplify daily workforce management tasks, reduce grievances, increase transparency, and maintain overtime compliance.

 During the presentation, you'll learn how to:

  • Manage overtime while ensuring compliance with agency-defined rules
  • Easily track and manage schedules while overseeing trades and time off requests
  • Set up and manage automated vs. manual callbacks
  • Improve communication with the native Scheduling app
  • Track multiple pay differentials to simplify and produce accurate payroll reports


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