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How to Eliminate Staffing Grievances and Ensure Overtime Compliance

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Learn How Vector Scheduling Can Help Your Fire Department Overcome Scheduling Challenges

Scheduling emergency responders for Fire and EMS agencies can be unpredictable. Agencies need a flexible and robust scheduling system to easily make adjustments when necessary. Vector Solutions offers a dynamic solution for employee resourcing and human capital management, helping departments implement an effective strategy to streamline the most complicated organizational tasks. Watch this on-demand webinar to see how you can leverage Vector Scheduling to ensure the right personnel with the right qualifications are staffed and overtime hiring needs are managed properly.

Watch this webinar to see how your department can do the following:

  • Easily approve scheduling requests and ensure staffing levels are appropriate and accurate
  • Automate custom callbacks to reach the right personnel based on qualification and rank
  • Customize settings to process overtime, time-off requests and more
  • Generate detailed reports for budget planning purposes

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