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How to Improve Outcomes with Holistic Training Management


Meet Training Requirements, Ensure Skill Retention, and Achieve Readiness


In the face of immense pressure from the communities they serve, fire departments must ensure their firefighters are fully trained and have attained skill mastery to achieve optimal outcomes in emergency situations.

Vector Solutions' online training management system (formerly TargetSolutions) was built to help agencies meet their demanding training, compliance, and preparedness objectives. Watch this webinar video to learn how your fire department can implement a comprehensive training program, streamlining and centralizing training records, including task books, skill evaluations, and professional development, to ensure your firefighters are ready.

During this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How to deliver and track all critical training tasks
  • How to document training objectives and record completions
  • How to manage department training requirements with digital taskbooks
  • How to utilize digital evaluation forms and analyze skill retention
  • How to create and manage the delivery of custom content for training, live-skill assessments, policies, and more



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