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How to Streamline Your Agency's Scheduling Management Tasks


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Learn How Vector Scheduling is Built to Support All Your Staffing Needs So You Can Effectively Manage Personnel

No matter what type of organization, employee scheduling is critical for an effective operation. Fortunately, innovative technology can make a difference. Vector Scheduling is built to support any shift type, streamlining all aspects of your employee scheduling and helping you ensure the right personnel with the right qualifications are appropriately staffed. Watch this webinar recording to learn how your agency can utilize Vector Scheduling through the mobile app or a web-enabled device to simplify daily workforce management tasks, reduce grievances, and increase transparency.

Watch this webinar to learn how to do the following:

  • Create shift assignments and notify qualified personnel to fulfill various staffing needs
  • Customize and automate schedule rotations
  • Automate callbacks via text messages, phone calls or in-app notifications
  • Submit and approve miscellaneous time off requests from anywhere through the mobile app

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