Improving Reliability & Maintainability with Strategic, SMART Training Goals

Webinar Overview

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023
1 pm EST | 10 am PST

Training should be viewed as not just something that is performed and attended. It should be selected with a results-focused deliverable in mind.

In the case of reliability and maintenance, you need to first understand the maturity of your R&M process relative to all needed best practices, who is going to the training, their current skill set, and role in what is expected to be implemented upon training completion.

Applying the SMART business goals process enables R&M professionals to provide effective training that matters.  

This webinar will cover: 

  • Why reliability and maintainability is critical to your operation 
  • Using the SMART concept for training 
  • What you can and should you do with your training program to drive continuous improvement  


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Dr. Klaus Blache  

Director – Reliability and Maintainability Center  
Professor – College of Engineering  

The University of Tennessee 

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