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Occupational Cancer, Risk Reduction & Enhanced Early Detection

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A Discussion on Occupational Cancer in the Fire Service & the Importance of Early Detection

Watch this webinar recording, where Chief Todd LeDuc (Ret.), Chief Strategy Officer for Life Scan Wellness Centers discusses occupational cancer in the fire service, including the latest research and best practices for prevention. Chief LeDuc is joined by Capt. Mike Stone of Broward Fire (Fla.), who shares his story on his recent cancer diagnosis, as well as Keith Tyson, Vice President of Education, Research and Outreach for the Firefighter Cancer Support Network.

Watch this webinar to improve your understanding of the following:

✔ A breakdown of the health risks firefighters face both on and off duty

✔ The dangers, rates and latest research of occupational cancer in the fire service

✔ The importance of incorporating enhanced early detection in annual physicals

✔ Best practices for prevention of occupational cancer and risk reduction strategies

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