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February 8, 2024

Protecting Firefighter Mental Health with Guardian Tracking


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Guardian Tracking

Learn How You Can Prioritize Your Firefighters’ Mental Health



When it comes to firefighter health and well-being, discussions usually revolve around the physical dangers linked to the profession. However, it’s important to recognize that the mental and emotional risks can be equally debilitating.

Whether it’s responding to fire or medical emergencies, firefighters are frequently exposed to traumatic and distressing situations.

Download this webinar recording to learn how Guardian Tracking can help protect the mental health of your firefighters by equipping your department with a process for documenting and providing follow up after traumatic incidents, identifying personnel who are at-risk, and ensuring concerning behavior doesn’t slip through the cracks.

During this webinar presentation, we’ll cover how Vector Solutions’ performance management and early intervention solution can help your department:

  • Document firefighters’ exposure to critical incidents as well as the department’s response
  • Customize categories, special fields, and threshold weighting to trigger flags for early intervention
  • Create reminders for significant event anniversaries to provide ongoing support
  • Preserve confidentiality and ensure only the right members have access when needed



Johnny Roberson, Solutions Engineer
Johnny Roberson served as a firefighter in Tennessee for many years and retired in 2012. During his time, Johnny served in multiple roles, including technical teams and training, and maintained his license as a NREMT. He also served as a Deputy Director of Emergency Management for 13 years. Johnny has worked for Vector Solutions as a Solutions Engineer since 2017.

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