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April 19, 2022

Scheduling Best Practices for Operational Readiness


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On-Demand Webinar


Learn Strategies to Maintain Minimum Staffing and Operational Effectiveness

When staffing falls below minimum levels required for daily operations, service to the community decreases and risk and department liability increase. Tracking and ensuring staffing requirements are met can make scheduling processes more challenging and time-consuming. Integrated with Vector Solutions’ online training management system, Vector Scheduling gives fire departments total control over their workforce management with automated and intuitive features to recall employees to fill shifts, manage overtime and time-off requests, adjust staffing levels, and ensure each shift is appropriately staffed with qualified personnel.

Watch this webinar video to learn best practices and how you can leverage Vector Scheduling to meet minimum staffing requirements and ensure coverage in one, comprehensive system.

During the presentation, we cover how to:

  • Set up minimum staffing levels to ensure compliance
  • Safeguard number of time-offs to avoid going below minimum staffing
  • Track deployments for special events
  • Leverage the mobile app to ensure operational readiness with automated callbacks or emergency recalls
  • Communicate with your team at a moment’s notice at the station or on-the-go