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December 7, 2021

Staffing Officers to Meet Your Community’s Needs and How Vector Scheduling Can Help


Law EnforcementPublic Safety


Special Override


Leverage a Digital Workforce Management Solution to Ensure Resource Coverage and Policies Mandates Are Met

Today’s police departments are facing unprecedented staffing shortages, continued pressure from the public, and a surge in mental health and crisis intervention calls. To help police forces operate smoothly and keep the focus on protecting and serving the public instead of paperwork, agencies need a tool that simplifies administrative tasks and reduces time spent on day-to-day workforce management.

Watch this on-demand webinar presentation and learn about Vector Scheduling’s innovative features, including:

  • How Vector Scheduling can support special scheduling needs, such as Crisis Intervention Teams and Behavioral Health Units.
  • Tools that streamline workforce management and ensure policy compliance.
  • How to automate callbacks and communicate urgent needs to your officers in the event of an emergency.
  • Customizable overtime management functionality.
  • Built-in data and reporting tools that support strategic planning initiatives!

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