On-Demand Webinar

Strengthening Critical Incident Response with Comprehensive Training


Is your law enforcement agency ready to respond when a critical incident occurs? Can your officers and first-line supervisors work and communicate effectively with other departments and organizations responding to the incident?

Watch this webinar video where Dr. Damon Ing, retired Law Enforcement Officer and Lead Coordinator of the Tarrant County College Law Enforcement Academy, explained how you can strengthen your agency’s critical incident response management to improve outcomes. During the presentation, Dr. Ing discussed how comprehensive training within your agency and with other departments influences critical incident response, the importance of critical thinking skills, and utilizing PERF’s Critical Decision-Making Model (CDM).

From PERF’s CDM, Dr. Ing covered three crucial points to follow including:

  • Preparation before a critical incident
  • How to handle a critical incident
  • What to do following a critical incident

Additionally, Dr. Ing discussed creating a checklist for critical incident response management, documentation and After Action Reports (AARs), and establishing officer wellness programs such as providing peer support and additional resources.

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