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January 25, 2024

Surviving Occupational Cancer and Other Health-Related Risks in the Fire Service


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Understanding Health Risks, Prevention Strategies, and the Importance of Early Detection

Firefighters are not just at the risk of being exposed to falling debris, scorching flames, and suffocating toxins, but to carcinogenic substances that can take years to develop into devastating illnesses such as cancer.

Watch this webinar video as Chief Todd LeDuc (Ret.), Deputy CEO for Life Scan Wellness Centers, provides an overview of cancer in North America and will take a deep dive into occupational cancer in the fire service, including what is currently known and the latest research, lifestyle factors that can affect cancer risk, best practices for prevention, and the importance of early detection in annual physicals.

Watch this webinar to improve your understanding of the following:

  • Impact of cancer in North America and the prevalence of specific cancers in firefighters 
  • Risk reduction and decontamination best practices 
  • How obesity and other lifestyle risk factors outside the fire service can contribute to cancer 
  • The importance of early detection in annual physicals 
  • Understanding emerging technology and best practices to aid in detection 



Chief Todd LeDuc (Ret.), Deputy CEO, Life Scan Wellness Centers
Chief Todd LeDuc, (Ret.), MS, CFO, FIFirE, retired after 30 years with the rank of executive assistant fire chief of Broward County (Fla.) Fire Rescue. He now serves as the Deputy CEO for Life Scan Wellness Centers, the Nation’s largest provider of comprehensive annual physicals. He is a long serving member of the IAFC Safety, Health & Survival Section Board, and a technical committee member of the NFPA Occupational Health Standard for First Responders. He serves as a peer reviewer for the Center for Public Safety Excellence, is the Editor of Fire Engineering’s book, “Surviving the Fire Service,” and an advisory board member on numerous research grants.


Robbi King, Solutions Engineer Manager
Robbi King completed his career in public safety after 27 years of service rising through the ranks finishing as Assistant Fire Chief from Georgia. Robbi’s career landed him nearly every position in the fire service, but training and public education were his favorites. These areas were also where Robbi utilized Vector LMS to heavily to streamline process to ensure every member met or exceeded requirements to maintain compliance.

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