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White Paper: Why Learning Determines a Fire Department’s Success or Failure

A White Paper for Fire Service Leaders

It is more important than ever for fire departments to implement quality training programs. Appropriately structured, employee training mitigates potential liability, eliminates punitive damage awards, adds value to an organization and can eliminate harassment and discrimination problems before they become litigation issues. Read this white paper to learn how your department can benefit from an effective learning management system.

Why Vector Solutions is the Industry’s Online Training Management Leader


✔ More than 250 hours of valuable fire and EMS online continuing education

✔ Cutting-edge fire department software applications for tracking training and mandatory compliance tasks

✔ Pre-built electronic training packages for fire department management, including ISO training hours, EMS recertification, daily training activities, etc.

✔ Access to Vector Solutions’ unique file-sharing application filled with thousands of valuable resources from community

✔ Easy-to-use system for delivering Vector Solutions’ training and your own custom content

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