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EHS Management Software Buyer’s Guide


Multiple Industries


SafetyVector EHS Management

Reporting workplace injuries and illnesses to OSHA is a requirement. With 2.8 million reported injuries and illnesses in 2022 and workers’ compensation claims costing an average of $22,377, the right EHS Management software makes a world of difference.

Whether this is your first time shopping for online EHS software or you’re upgrading from a legacy solution, this guide is designed to help you find the safety management solution that works best for your company.

What this EHS Management Software Guide Contains

  • An overview of what EHS Management Software is, including most important functionality
  • Industries that benefit from EHS software
  • The benefits of safety management software
  • Steps for Buying EHS Management Software, including creating an internal evaluation team, setting goals, and key considerations outside of core functionality
  • An introduction to Vector Solutions’ EHS management solution

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