Vector SDS & Chemical Management for Higher Education

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Better manage your SDS and chemical inventory online through our GHS-compliant SDS & Chemical Management Platform and keep faculty, staff, and students safe while handling chemicals.

Vector SDS & Chemical Management can help you safely manage and organize your institution's entire SDS and chemical inventory online, which can quickly be accessed by faculty, staff, and students at a moment's notice. With intuitive built-in features, users have access to an extensive SDS library (10,000+), powerful search capabilities, support materials, and much more to empower your institution to handle and store chemicals safely, inform users of possible hazards, and avoid OSHA-related fines.



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Improve SDS Access

Quickly access our web-enabled platform from any device, anywhere on campus.

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Extensive SDS Library

Includes over 10,000 Safety Data Sheets that are commonly found in educational institutions.


Achieve GHS Compliance

Our platform includes GHS-compliant SDSs, safety labels, and chemical reclassification. 

Streamline Your Chemical Management and Increase Campus Awareness

Our web-based platform helps you better manage and organize your SDS and chemical collection, but also serves as a tool to build awareness around potential hazards and provides safety information at a moment's notice in case of an emergency.

Centralize Communication and Increase Awareness

Provide administrative access to those in charge and increase awareness of potential hazards through printable support materials and send messages campus-wide through the platform.

  • Controlled Permissions - Control access to who can make site changes and / or view specific folders.
  • Printable Support Materials - Print secondary container labels with important hazard warnings and pictograms, posters with QR codes, and organized physical binders.
  • Centralized Communication - Broadcast critical messages or reminders to staff using the platform's built-in information center.

Find What You Need, When You Need It

Your safety data sheets can be accessed at a moment's notice in case of an emergency - making your campus even safer for faculty, staff, and students.

  • Extensive SDS Library - Gain access to over 10,000 SDSs that are commonly found in educational institutions.
  • Powerful Search - Utilize our advanced search feature to quickly find and locate specific chemical safety information by a few clicks.
  • Flexible Organization - Organize your chemical inventory on campus by building and collection (rooms, labs, or storage).

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What Our Customers Say

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“With 55 buildings at 11 campuses, keeping the thousands of printed SDSs up to date and in compliance has been challenging. We needed a user-friendly, economical online program to locate and store our MSDSs/SDSs for our various locations, as well as to be able to easily print the new GHS labels. Vector SDS is an excellent tool for this!””

Mark Baethke

Former Executive Director, Des Moines Area Community College

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