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March 23 2021

How to Buy EHS Management Software

Whether this is your first time shopping for online environmental health and safety (EHS) software or you’re upgrading from a legacy solution, this buyer’s guide is designed for you to use in your search for the safety management solution that…

February 18 2021

Why is manufacturing safety so important?

Manufacturing safety is important to prevent or lessen the risk of workplace injury, illness and death. Advanced Technology Services, an international leader in industrial services, recently conducted a study in partnership with Plant Engineering magazine in an effort to better understand workplace safety in the…

December 8 2020

Introduction to Vector EHS Safety Management Software

Some IndustrySafe customers may know that (1) we became part of Vector Solutions a little over a year ago and are in the process of changing our product name to Vector EHS Management Software and (2) that Vector Solutions includes many other…

August 28 2020

What is an MSDS or SDS? Is there a…

It’s no secret that there are numerous hazardous chemicals in workplaces that can be dangerous to a worker's health and safety. That’s why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) developed its Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) Standard to easily communicate the potential dangers…

July 22 2020

IndustrySafe 6.3 Release Coming Soon

The Vector Solutions team has been spending its summer developing the IndustrySafe 6.3 Release, scheduled to be available next month. (more…)

July 21 2020

Meet Our Team: Spotlight on Brandon Beumer

In July of 2020, Brandon Beumer joined the IndustrySafe team as an Inside Sales Representative. (more…)

June 25 2020

How to Write a Safety Incident Report

An incident report provides all essential information about an accident or near miss that's taken place. A complete incident investigation form should contain the following elements: Worker Characteristics Injury / Illness Characteristics Description and Sequencing of Events Time factors and…

June 18 2020

Meet our Team: Spotlight on Ebo Koomson

At the end of March 2020, Ebo joined the Vector Solutions team as IndustrySafe’s Software Development Intern!  (more…)

May 19 2020

Meet Our Team: Spotlight on Naomi Golender

In March 2020, Naomi Golender joined the Vector Solutions team as a Support Analyst Intern. Since then, Naomi has been assisting our clients with their customer support requests by answering their questions and providing guidance. Naomi has also been in…