Coronavirus (COVID-19) EHS Resources


Coronavirus (COVID-19) EHS Resources

As the world continues to monitor the fast-changing situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), Vector Solutions has launched resources for EHS managers that are easy to digest to help you navigate the challenges that you will face in the coming weeks and beyond.

Vector Solutions is ready to help you, so you can continue to help others.

COVID-19 Work Re-Entry App

As many businesses being to re-open, employers must still take protective measures to continue to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in the workplace.

Our Work Re-Entry app is a simple but effective way for employees to report self-checks of any symptoms of COVID-19. You can learn more about how it works with this short video.

Coronavirus Exposure Tracking for the Workplace Webinar

Watch a recording of our webinar on how to record and track exposure incidents, what COVID-19 exposure cases must be recorded on OSHA logs, and what COVID-19 exposure cases must be reported directly to OSHA.


How Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Professionals Can Manage the Coronavirus

We've put together a general overview for EHS managers of recommendations set forth by OSHA and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. Learn best practices to communicate to employees, as well as what tools and personal protective equipment are appropriate for at-risk groups.

5x5 risk matrix

Conducting Risk Assessments for COVID-19

One of the ways you can identify which of your workers are at greatest risk of being exposed to the virus is through following risk assessment processes. By using a risk matrix to gauge the likeliness of exposure, as well as the severity of any resulting illnesses, you can identify those most at risk, prioritize, and put control measures in place to protect them.



Keeping Grocery Customers & Employees Safe during COVID-19

This article provides guidance and examples on how groceries stores can maintain the safety of employees and consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Understanding OSHA's Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements for COVID-19

This article provides the latest updates from OSHA regarding COVID-19 and the agency’s recordkeeping requirements that employers might not be aware of. We cover when to record COVID-19 exposures on your recordkeeping logs, when cases must be reported directly to OSHA, and the trouble with determining if a case is work-related.

free covid 19 training courses

COVID-19 Training Resources

Vector Solutions has launched a complimentary series of coronavirus training video courses to help you and your community stay safe and healthy. We’ll be posting additional COVID-19 training courses to this page in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

CORONAVIRUS 101: What You Need to Know

This 9-minute course informs you how coronavirus spreads, how to recognize its symptoms;  prevent and treat the virus; and, determine what to do if you become sick with coronavirus.

CORONAVIRUS 102: Preparing Your Household

Get practical guidance in this 7-minute course from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help you get your household ready before, during, and after an outbreak occurs in your community.

CORONAVIRUS 103: Managing Stress and Anxiety

This 9-minute course will help you define stress and anxiety; identify common signs and symptoms; and, identify how to reduce stress for yourself and others during this difficult time.


CORONAVIRUS 104: Transitioning to a Remote Workplace

In this 7-minute course, you’ll learn best practices for leadership when transitioning to a remote workforce; best practices for working remotely; and, identify pitfalls to avoid during the transition.


CORONAVIRUS 105: Cleaning and Disinfecting Common Spaces

In this 8-minute course, get practical guidance from the CDC for cleaning and disinfecting rooms or areas where those with confirmed COVID-19 have visited.


CORONAVIRUS 106: CDC Guidelines for Using Cloth Face Masks

This nearly 8-minute course will help you learn the steps for creating a sewn cloth face covering; learn the steps for creating a non-sewn cloth face covering; and, identify best practices for wearing a cloth face covering.

CORONAVIRUS 107: Re-opening Your Organization

This 6-minute video will assist employees in making reopening decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially to protect vulnerable workers and others that your employees may come into contact with.


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