Innovative Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & Harassment Prevention Training

Foster more inclusive and harassment-free workplaces for employees to thrive with online training

Foster Safe and Diverse Workplace Environments

Vector Solutions helps mid- to large-sized organizations implement innovative DEI and harassment prevention training that goes beyond staying compliant and checking the box. Through compelling storytelling and real-world scenarios, our research-based training focuses on impact and behavior change by going beyond legal jargon.

Powerful, Online Workplace DEI and Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for the Workplace

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for the Workplace

Meet state law mandates through interactive storytelling and real-world scenarios. Vector uses a multi-learning modality approach with modern professionally created videos, thought-provoking infographics, and engaging course activities. Courses include:

  • Harassment Prevention Training: Non-Supervisors
  • Harassment Prevention Training: Supervisors

State-Specific Versions Available: NY, IL, CA, WA, DC, CT, MA, DE

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training for the Workplace

Build empathy through narrative storytelling and vital perspective-taking experiences. Courses use practical debiasing techniques known to be effective in reducing and managing common social and psychological barriers to inclusion, equity, and diversity. Courses include:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (Foundations Course)
  • Microaggressions in the Workplace
  • Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
  • Inclusive Hiring
  • Allyship
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Enhance Learner Experience with Intuitive Features

  • Great Design - Thought-provoking instructional design with a multi-learning modality approach.
  • Accessible - Fully accessible, WCAG compliant, and mobile optimized.
  • Compliant - Our courses are designed and scripted by industry-leading and award-winning DEI experts.
  • Integrated - Easy enterprise integrations and SCORM compatible.
  • Flexible - Our courses are built for easy enterprise configuration. Branding, policies, videos, and more.
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What Our Customers Say

“This platform enables Aircall to better understand where we need to improve our management, policies, and education relating to harassment and discrimination."

Allison Covarrubias

HR Business Partner at Aircall

Online DEI and Harassment Prevention Training

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DEI Training

Our program aims to build empathy and encourage connection in a way that empowers learners.

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Harrassment Training

Our course includes managers and employee versions in order to comply with state and federal requirements.

Annual Compliance Guide

Harrassment Compliance

Assess your options more efficiently in implementing an anti-harassment training program for your organization.

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