TargetSolutions Client Summit Training Testimonials


During Vector Solutions annual Client Summit, clients from their portfolio of eLearning brands came together to discuss best practices and new developments in online training and operational efficiencies. At this event, TargetSolutions clients were also interviewed about their experiences using the dynamic online training and operations management system.

Each client highlighted standout features in the TargetSolutions platform that have helped them streamline processes, improve compliance and resolve issues with recordkeeping. Here’s are some of the key abilities clients praised and benefitted from the most.

Delivery of Courses, Activities, Policies & More

In addition to assigning and scheduling TargetSolutions’ online training courses, the flexible system allows agencies to deliver any video, pdf or SCORM course activity. Lynn Adgett, Program Assistant for the City of Reno (NV) also discussed how she’s able to distribute policies through the platform.

“Public works in particular, I’ve incorporated all of our policies. So, part of the onboarding, when a new employee starts, instead of getting a book that’s 4 inches thick and saying ‘here, read these policies’, it’s all electronic now.” Adgett explained. “There’s clicking the box as their digital signature, so you have accountability that they actually read the policies and they’re responsible for the content in there.”

Satisfy Compliance Training

TargetSolutions powerful recordkeeping tools help departments track everything for training compliance hours. Pre-built and customizable credentials make it simple for agencies to outline all the training hours personnel need to fulfill to achieve compliance or maintain licenses. Then, individuals can use the platform to track their progress and document activities.

“Because of TargetSolutions, even though they weren’t directly responsible for the infrastructure, we’re now about satisfy any kind of compliance training. Whether it’s coming from the city, and then we have also a platform to run our own compliance training with our own department – setting a higher standard than even our city.” Travis Williams, Battalion Chief, Kansas City Fire Department (MO).

Reporting for External Agencies

Running reports and saving data in a variety of file formats takes just a few clicks with TargetSolutions. Use TargetSolutions’ dynamic reporting features to prove compliance to state, federal and department-wide standards.

“One of the biggest benefits of us becoming a class 1 fire agency was because I was able to generate quality reports to the ISO agency where they would take my data and said ‘oh, this is great’,” explained Matt Barnes, Battalion Chief, Southern Marin Fire Protection District (CA). “There was really not a lot of follow up from it because the data was there. It was generated and categorized correctly in TargetSolutions so it made that transition very easy.”

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