Six Tips for Efficient Employee Scheduling


Efficient employee scheduling goes a long way in helping your agency run smoothly. If there's confusion around shifts and scheduling it will affect your productivity and daily operations.

Using the latest technology, it's possible to use automation to address issues around scheduling. Here are some of the best ways to ensure that your employee scheduling is accurate and efficient.



Six Ways to Improve Employee Scheduling

  1. Communicate with Your Employees

By knowing when your employees are available, you can more easily create a workable schedule. It's important to constantly stay in touch with your employees and inquire about their availability. On the same note, encourage them to give you as much notice as possible if they aren't available for certain shifts.

  1. Keep Track of Your Employees’ Credentials

In many industries, it's essential that all employees have the proper credentials for the duties they're performing. Not tracking employee credentials can get you into trouble with regulatory agencies. One of your responsibilities with scheduling is to ensure that all employees have the appropriate credentials.

  1. Make it Easy for Employees to Swap Shifts

Allowing your employees to swap shifts makes it easier to keep everything running smoothly. It's inevitable that people will have unexpected emergencies that prevent them from working their scheduled shifts. Having a system in place where they can swap shifts helps you stay covered for these instances.

  1. Create Templates for Shifts

There's no reason to create new schedules over and over. It's more efficient to create shift templates that employees can easily access, such as through an online or application-based system. You can alter these templates as necessary.

  1. Post Schedules Well in Advance

Creating schedules well in advance of shifts makes it easier for employees to plan ahead. If someone can't work a certain shift, he or she can arrange to swap it with someone else. Posting schedules two weeks in advance gives everyone plenty of time to adjust.

  1. Use the Ideal Employee Scheduling Solution

Finding the right system helps you optimize your employee scheduling. Crewsense's employee scheduling system is a robust cloud-hosted, rules-based platform that makes it easy to plan 24/7 shift scheduling.

CrewSense Employee Scheduling and Workforce Management

CrewSense is offered under TargetSolutions. Some of the powerful features you'll find on this scheduling platform include:

  • Fill openings quickly without the need for human interaction
  • Manage complex 24/7 shift scheduling
  • View roster information
  • Coordinate overtime hiring
  • Alert employees to emergency callbacks

For a full breakdown of what CrewSense can do for your organization, watch the video

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