Achieve Compliance with Mandatory Pesticide Training Requirements Using TargetSolutions

TargetSolutions’ Activities Builder application enables school district employees in California to meet a newly mandated pesticide training requirement.

The recent passing of California Senate Bill 1405, which goes into effect in July 2016, mandates that any individual who applies a pesticide at a school site be required to complete a one hour training course.

TargetSolutions features a pre-built custom activity for school districts in California looking to achieve compliance with mandated pesticide training. The activity links directly to Sacramento State University’s training, which is currently the only approved course for this new requirement. Free of charge and applicable to all school employees, users may complete the course and then upload the accompanied certificate of completion to TargetSolutions in order to track completions.

TargetSolutions was fortunate to work with Scarlett Sadler of CSAC Excess Insurance Authority. She helped TargetSolutions create the pre-built solution that can now help all agencies in California comply with the new regulations.

“I did some research and wondered how we could make this easier for our members,” said Sadler. “We created this custom activity where users can import their certs and go from there.”

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