Answers to Your Questions about the All-New Generate Reports Application

TargetSolutions launched the upgraded version of Generate Reports in August. The new tool features major enhancements for scheduling and sharing reports.

After releasing the all-new Generate Reports application, TargetSolutions hosted several webinars to educate clients about the new functionality.

If you didn’t attend a webinar, please click here to watch a recorded version of the presentation.

During the webinar, platform managers had the opportunity to submit questions about creating standard reports, scheduling reports, and other miscellaneous items. Below are a few of the questions and answers that were provided. To download a PDF of the entire Q&A, please click here.


How do I print a certificate for user?

When running a completions report, be sure to have the ‘Assignments — Certificate’ option selected under the Columns. Once the report is ran, you will want to view the report within TargetSolutions, and a clickable hyperlink under the ‘Certificate’ section of your report will show up which will include a link to the certificate that you can also print.

Is there now capability to run a Credential report on multiple credentials at the same time for a single user?

Yes! You may now run a report for multiple credentials for a single user. With the Credentials report type selected, you may select more than one credential in the ‘Narrow down your report to specific data — Credentials’ section, and select your single user within the ‘Users’ selection.

We are currently tracking our Driver’s License numbers in TargetSolutions. How can I run a report on Driver’s License numbers?

To run a report to populate Driver’s License numbers, you will want to run a Credentials report. Within this report, be sure to have the Credential — Credential Number option selected under the ‘Columns’ section to populate this information on your report.

Can a scheduled report be emailed to an external email address?

You are able to email a completed report to an external email address; however, you are unable to schedule a report to automatically be sent to an external email address.

Is it possible to sort a report by more than one criterion, such as sort by name, then date, then activity?

Using exporting your report into Excel, you can sort your report by more than on criteria. The old reporting system has a TAGS selection field in the “limit by” section. Is it possible to get that TAGS added to the new reporting system in the “Narrow down your report to specific data”? Yes, tags are still an available option to narrow your report. You can limit your report to a particular tag or tags by using the drop down under “Courses and Activities” and then choosing “Select tags.”

If you would like more information on this application, please contact your account manager via e-mail at [email protected].


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