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Do you have your own courses or content that you would like streamlined for employees to train? Tired of wasting paper and getting employee signatures on widespread acknowledgements? Need employee feedback or have your own test questions for employees? With CELEXA, Casino Essentials’ Learning Management System, all of these can be accomplished with minimal guidance. CELEXA provides administrators with the ability to upload custom content to ensure full coverage across all functional groups and maximize employee training retention.

Benefits of Creating Your Own Content

  • Makes learning relatable by using real world scenarios.
  • Align organizational goals with training
  • Easy to revise content to ensure compliance
  • Direct input and feedback from employees
  • Gives employees access to organization information
  • Brand integration

Administrators can be creative with content that is specific to a department and provides employees with the resources necessary to perform their job functions adequately and safely. Customized training provides employees with all the applicable content necessary to ensure effectiveness.

What Kind of Content Can Be Created?

Celexa gives administrators the ability to create and/or upload pre-made information to the site, such as PowerPoint slides, videos, acknowledgement forms, and quizzes. Once content is created, it can be reviewed by an alternate administrator to see how it will be viewed by the end user. This review process makes it easy to identify any course adjustment prior to it being released to employees. CELEXA also provides step by step guides for creating the following:

Power Point Conversions

Do you have your own fire drill safety training or lifeguard training? With CELEXA, you can upload content specific to your organization and confirm employee understanding of the material.



Form Acknowledgments

Need signatures for a new company-wide policy? Form acknowledgments help ensure that employees have received and understand a new policy that is to be implemented.



Getting feedback from employees is a crucial part of organizational growth. Creating surveys or quizzes with your own material provides confirmation that your employees are subject matter experts.


CELEXA is an all in one tool that provides administrators the agility necessary to keep up with constant evolution within any organization. Customized content gives employees a renewed sense of ownership within their organization.

Want to Know More?

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