Avondale’s Training and Recordkeeping Goes to Next Level with TargetSolutions


With such a rapidly growing population, the Avondale Fire Department(AZ) not only wants, but needs the most efficient and powerful technology available so it only makes sense the department has been a client of TargetSolutions since August of 2005.

"It was a little bit of a growing pain at first, because it was something new," said Avondale's Fire Division Chief, Aaron Glass. "I think if we were to take TargetSolutions away now it would cause heartache because were using it to track continuing education for paramedic certifications with the platforms Credentials Manager. TargetSolutions has really become an essential part of our training regimen."

Within the past year Avondale has doubled its platform utilization, helping the department improve its overall efficiency and ensure compliance. Here are a few applications the department is currently benefiting from:

Manage Credentials: This powerful tool helps Avondale stay on top of important expirations. The application allows platform administrators to keep track of employees' progress as they work to maintain certifications, licenses and much more.

ISO Tracking: With TargetSolutions' ISO tracking tools, Avondale is able to receive credit for its required continuing education hours so it will be in compliance with ISOs mandates. "The ability to report monthly training spreadsheets enables the department to get a better snapshot of their training needs", Glass said.

Client Services: Avondale's utilization wouldn't have jumped 100 percent over the last year if not for TargetSolutions' outstanding customer support. "TargetSolutions' customer service is second to none," Glass said. "The staff is very, very responsive whenever I have a problem or question. Everyone is very helpful."

TargetSolutions is 100 percent focused on helping clients like Avondale improve their training efficiencies. The results for Avondale are in the department's eye-popping utilization statistics. In fact, each Avondale user on the system is averaging more than five logins, 12.85 completed activities and nearly two online training courses per month.

With utilization like that, it's no surprise Avondale is consistently able to meet all of its training requirements.

"I really like TargetSolutions!" said Glass. "Since becoming Training Captain we have begun to utilize more functions within the platform like tracking credentials, creating our own activities, and using alerts, which has made TargetSolutions a vital part of our training management."

About TargetSolutions

TargetSolutions, a Vector Solutions brand, delivers award-winning, real-time training and record-keeping solutions to the fire services, emergency medical services, risk pools, cities and municipalities, law enforcement and public works industries. The company provides engaging, accredited online training courses, cutting-edge software applications, and dynamic performance management solutions to help make organizations safer, more capable, and more compliant. For more information, visit www.targetsolutions.com. Follow us on Twitter @TargetSolutions and on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/TargetSolutions.

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