Convergence Training Fixes Kenyan Borehole, Provides Water to Mogoon Village


Tragedy Strikes

In February of 2009 in the Mogoon Village in Kenya, tragedy struck. Their water source, the “borehole” as they call it, had broken down and there was very little hope of raising the money required to fix it. With one of the longest standing droughts in Kenya, the community struggled to hang on for life; schools closed, 2 seasons of crops didn’t produce, disease infiltrated and consequently both animals and people passed away. Without affordable access to water, many fell ill to dehydration, cholera and didn’t have the immunity to fend off malaria. In other words this was a major health risk to hundreds of people in the region.

Convergence Training Gives Thanks at Thanksgiving

Back in the United States, Randy Kohltfarber of Convergence Training, is enjoying the luxury of an early morning water ski session. In a ski boat, surrounded by gallons and gallons of water, he sits with his skiing partners Kara Anderson and Dr. Gerri Fujii. Kara recalls her recent trip to the Nakuru Orphanage in Kenya where she was a volunteer worker. When Randy hears about the tragic broken water supply, he decides to offer support and pay for the water source to be repaired.

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