The Top 10 Myths of Online Training for Fire Departments


TargetSolutions conducted a survey a few years ago that determined 22 percent of respondents were not interested in implementing online training for their organization. A more recent survey has found 18 percent still feel the same.

Here are the top 10 myths of online training and how TargetSolutions is working to disprove them:


Myth No. 1: Online Training Offers a Limited, Boring Selection.

The Truth: TargetSolutions has always been committed to offering the industry’s best online training catalog, which today offers more than 1,000 titles, covering Fire & NFPA-accredited material, EMS recertification, Law Enforcement training, OSHA & Compliance, Emergency Vehicle Operator Safety, and much more. TargetSolutions provides the ability to deliver customized content and is accepted in almost every state so organizations can comply with federal, state and local mandates. Courses feature dynamic interactions, high-quality videos, real-life scenarios, and quizzes to challenge and engage students.

Myth No. 2: Online Training Is Not Challenging.

The Truth: Every TargetSolutions course goes through a rigorous creation process. Content development experts spend weeks creating material to educate students. Each course features stimulating interactions and challenging tests to gauge a user’s comprehension. All courses meet necessary standards set by various regulatory agencies, ensuring users receive credit. TargetSolutions has more than 450 hours of fire department training, including 160 hours of EMS continuing education, and more than 240 Law Enforcement training courses accepted for credit in numerous states.