New EMS CE Course Enhancements: Physical Exams, Shock and Sports Medicine

TargetSolutions routinely enhances courses in its CAPCE-approved EMS continuing education catalog with up-to-date information and engaging lessons. Applicable for BLS and ALS continuing education, these courses are designed to refresh personnel on important procedures and skill sets.

Three popular courses were updated in this round of enhancements. EMS Detailed Physical Exam, EMS Shock and Shock Management and EMS Sports Medicine all received refreshed content, new case studies and video-based lessons.

Learn more about TargetSolutions’ newly revamped EMS training.

Enhanced EMS CE Training Courses

The TargetSolutions EMS catalog offers more than 250 hours of online CE training for EMTs and paramedics. Ongoing course enhancements modernize lessons with an onscreen instructor, dynamic video graphics and renewed content. By continuously updating this training, departments can rest assured their EMS professionals have the most current information they need to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Here’s a brief description of newly modernized courses.

EMS Detailed Physical Exam focuses on the steps necessary to perform a complete detailed physical exam (after an initial assessment is completed and all life threats are controlled).

EMS Shock and Shock Management prepares you to recognize causes of shock, early and late presentations, and the treatment of shock.

EMS Sports Medicine for EMS provides an overview of SEM, including the professionals involved in its practice, common injuries seen, and the treatment and management of these injuries.

To view TargetSolutions’ full online course library for EMS continuing education, please visit here.

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