Essential I-9 Compliance Mishaps to Avoid


Employers in the U.S. must submit I-9 forms for new hires. Unfortunately, many hand over error-ridden documentation that result in costly fines from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. In fact, the agency charges $110 per filling mistake, according to HireRight.

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Organizations looking to avoid these penalties must pay attention to the details and avoid some of the most common errors flagged during processing.

Submitting invalid supporting documents

Employers are expected to submit supporting documents that verify the information on the I-9 and demonstrate employee compliance with federal employment laws. Surprisingly, recruitment personnel sometimes fly through this step and fail to send in the right paperwork, the Society for Human Resource Management discovered. This results in an immediate rejection and fines.

Forgetting to note corrections

While it’s not generally advisable to hand in I-9 documentation filled with corrected errors, USCIS does allow it. However, employers must date and initial every correction.

Missing the section two cutoff

HR personnel must complete section two of the I-9 – called “Employer Review and Verification” – within three business days of the employee hire date, according to USCIS. The agency levies large fines against businesses that submit forms that fail to meet this deadline. And, if this occurs often, federal auditors can step in investigate regularly noncompliant companies.

Failing to reverify citizenship documentation

New hires who hail from overseas must have employment authorization from USCIS and should be able to provide documentation proving their eligibility. It is up to organizations to review this paperwork and ensure that it is still valid. Noncompliance in this area can lead substantial fines.

With these common errors in mind, employers should carefully review I-9 in process and ensure compliance before submitting them to USCIS.


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