Flagger and Cone Safety for Work Zone Traffic Control


Construction zones near public motorized vehicle access can pose significant risk to the public and employees. Without proper protection of work areas and traffic control devices, work zones are exposed to dangerous. According to an OSHA Fact Sheet (2005), “transportation incidents and workers struck by vehicles are responsible for the highest number of fatal work injuries,” per data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Flagger and Cone Safety is an all-new course in the Water Industry and OSHA catalogs that highlights concerns for work zone traffic control and flagger safety. Using engaging videos and up-to-date information, this course teaches flagger roles and responsibilities for jobs close to traffic.

Flagger and Cone Safety Course Overview

This course will teach flagger roles and responsibilities for jobs that are close to traffic, which may include streets, highways, or any place with public motorized vehicle access. After its completion, individuals will be knowledgeable in flagging and will be able to recognize and eliminate hazardous conditions that prevent injuries to employees, motorists, and pedestrians, while safely protecting public property.

“Safety is always our top priority,” explained Alex Berry, Executive Vice President of Public Sector for Vector Solutions. “This video-based course covers OSHA regulations for flagging traffic and ensuring work zone safety to help agencies better protect the public and their personnel.”

Using an on-screen instructor, custom video animations and case studies, this course immerses individuals in 13 crucial lessons. Topics such as the terminology for related OSHA standards, equipment and work area requirements, traffic control devices and emergency preparedness are all addressed.

After successfully completing this safety guide for flaggers, personnel will be able to:

  • Choose and recognize appropriate work area protection
  • Analyze and differentiate between various traffic control devices
  • Demonstrate daily flagging responsibilities and inspections
  • State the guidelines for emergency conditions
  • State the guidelines for pedestrian protection
  • Identify the different flagging signs and motions

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