Four Ways to Prepare for Heat Stress at Work (Before it’s Too Late)



In some parts of the country, the mercury is already skyrocketing up the thermometer. A quick look at today’s weather map shows about half the country with temps in the 80s or 90s.

It’s important to be aware of hot weather because workers can suffer serious problems and even die when working in high temperatures. So what can you do as an employer or supervisor to protect your workers? Well, one thing you can do is be aware of the hazard and know how to lessen the risk.

For example, here’s a helpful OSHA website that includes lots of information about occupational heat exposure.

And here's a map from OSHA that shows the location of on-the-job heat fatalities since 2008.

In addition, if you’ve got an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android device, you can download a free heat stress app from OSHA’s website.

And finally, you can get training materials from Convergence about heat stress. Here’s a sample from our Heat Stress Causes video:

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