How Architects Can Make Designs Both Safe and Stylish


Being an architect means crafting a unique kind of art. Not only do you want people to admire your style and creativity, but you also want them to find your designs solid, sustainable and, above all, safe. If you’re interested in improving the security of your designs, here’s some helpful information.

Look for new ways to incorporate fire extinguishers
This might sound like an obvious addition, but many homes go without these crucial appliances, or find their appearance inconvenient and unstylish and toss them in the back of a closet. Architectural Digest recommended incorporating this item into your design, and shopping around for some eye-catching styles that veer away from the traditional red cans. The source noted that there are plenty of interior decorating retailers who sell sleek, stylish and multicolored fire extinguishers to fit any home aesthetic.

Use doors and windows that can be locked down
Whether you’re constructing a private residence or a public building, people want their structures be intruder-proof. College Planning & Management magazine recommended using hardware on doors and windows that can easily lock from the inside both automatically and manually. These features will put people’s minds at ease and help them during an emergency.

Give alarms a new spin
Remember, you aren’t just creating a lifeless structure – people will be cycling in and out of your buildings all day. This is why you should make sure all your projects are equipped with fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Architectural Digest noted that, like fire extinguishers, these safety machines come in all different shapes, sizes and styles, so you should be able to find ones that blend with all your customers’ home designs. design-courses-CTA


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