How Oil and Gas Companies are Modernizing Employee Training


Organizations in the oil and gas industry have traditionally offered robust employee training programs designed to teach workers how to safely and effectively perform their job duties. In recent years, many firms have searched for new ways to bolster their offerings, as experienced employees retire and younger workers with more modern learning styles enter the field, Oilman Magazine reported.

oil and gas industry online training

Just what new training techniques are they adopting? For one, oil and gas companies have embraced online learning resources, including mobile-ready courses that allow workers to absorb industry-standard training no matter their location. For instance, the University of Texas at Austin hosts web-based training sessions for oil and gas professionals and offers certification programs for those who need special instruction to comply with unique client, federal or state expectations.

However, most in the industry recognize these tools alone cannot adequately prepare workers. That’s why a large number of firms pair them with internal training courses. In fact, an estimated 25 percent of oil and gas companies provide such sessions, according to data from the Society of Petroleum Engineers. These courses not only address the technical skills required to work in the sector but also touch on softer yet immensely important subjects such as finance and personnel management.

Additionally, around 20 percent of oil and gas producers take advantage of external resources like trade associations and other industry groups. Why? Such organizations can offer insight into existing shop-floor processes while also touching on up-and-coming innovations or regulatory changes. In some cases, firms allow employees to attend off-site conventions and seminars to connect with their peers and receive structured training from thought leaders in the sector, according to an article published in the Journal of Business Administration and Management Sciences Research.

Overall, companies in the oil and gas industry are well on their way to developing and deploying new training methods that will engage the modern worker and move the industry forward.


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