New Updates Coming for TargetSolutions Check It™: Hydrant Inspections, Enhanced Controlled Substances Tracking



The TargetSolutions Check It™ application modernizes how agencies inspect and track all apparatus, equipment, inventory and controlled substances. The system frequently undergoes improvements to guarantee a user-friendly and effective experience for departments.

New enhancements to TargetSolutions Check It™ focus on the Controlled Substances and Equipment modules. These updates offer departments more security when tracking the disposal of their narcotics inventory and enable inspections of fixed assets such as hydrants.

Hydrants and Fixed Assets Inspections Coming Soon

Coming soon to the Equipment module is the Hydrants/Fixed Asset tracking solution. With Hydrants, you can track annual inspections of all hydrants in your region and set automated reminders for when inspections are due.

Featuring an interactive map, your department can enter the latitude/longitude of each hydrant to visualize their exact geographic location. Additionally, this tool can be used to oversee dry hydrants, AEDs, extinguishers and other fixed assets.

Controlled Substances Tracking – Blind Counts, Disposals and New Training Course

The Controlled Substances application in TargetSolutions Check It™ is designed for the secure tracking of narcotics in your agency. This module provides tools to manage controlled substances from the moment they are acquired, to where they are stored, to when they are used or wasted.

To add extra security, TargetSolutions Check It™ improved the blind counts tool and Disposals. Now, when performing blind counts, personnel can choose from lots that exist at their current location. While the quantity will still be hidden from the individual, they can more easily access and track lots tied to their engine or inventory location.

Disposals allows agencies to more accurately track when and why controlled substances are wasted. Available only within the Master Supply, the EMS coordinator or authorized administrators can document why a narcotic is being disposed of (expired, breakage, etc.) and record the seal number as well as the responsible employee ID and signature.

New Training Course Available for TargetSolutions Check It™ Users

In addition to improving Controlled Substances, a new video course is also available to users of TargetSolutions Check It™. Controlled Substance Compliance is a 30-minute, self-paced course. By taking this training, personnel will understand the difference between state and federal controlled substances registration, the DEA’s specific security requirements for managing controlled substances, recordkeeping requirements and how to ensure your program is in compliance with DEA standards.

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