IndustrySafe 6.3 Release Coming Soon


The Vector Solutions team has been spending its summer developing the IndustrySafe 6.3 Release, scheduled to be available next month.

The 6.3 Release will bring the e-signature capabilities to multiple modules, design enhancements for inspections, and a new widget for an employee's training history. For more detailed information on our 6.3 Release, please take a look at our release notes.


e-Signature on Inspections, Training, and JSA forms

In the 6.2 Release, the ability to add electronic signatures was added to IndustrySafe initial incident and investigation forms. With the 6.3 Release, this same functionality is being expanded to inspection checklists, employee training, and our job safety analysis forms.

Users will be able to add multiple e-signatures on these forms by enabling this tool within the additional features section for each form.

Inspection Checklists Design Enhancements

EHS inspection checklists will also receive minor design improvements with the 6.3 Release in addition to the new e-signature functionality.

These design changes will enhance the user experience when completing a checklist.

New Training History Widget

Finally, in an effort to continue integrating with other Vector Solution products, the 6.3 Release is implementing a training history widget that will include data from a connected Vector LMS account.

The training history widget replaces the training history section of on the incident investigation form for a more concise view of an involved employee's past training. It also appears under their employee profile, for both an employee's training history and required training.

Want to Know More?

Reach out and a Vector Solutions representative will respond back to help answer any questions you might have.